“Instituto Tecnológico Avanzado en Educación del Sureste” (ITAES) is an innovative educational institution that provides comprehensive training to children and young people to take control of the dynamic and global world that surrounds them, ITAES was founded with its first school year on August 21, 2006.

It belongs to a solid, competitive and reliable company, with 15 years of presence in the state of Chiapas and more than 40 years in the rest of the country.

ITAES, committed to quality service, personalized attention and academic excellence, offers high results in its educational services at all of its five levels: preschool, elementary, middle school, high- school and job training.

At “Instituto Tecnológico Avanzado en Educación del Sureste” we work to train our students as intelligent human beings, entrepreneurs, competitive and avant-garde leaders with linguistic, technological, artistic, sports and social capabilities.

The students are the number one reason for ITAES and we complement their academic training, with an extensive training program in the humanistic area, which will lead us to fulfil the primary objective of our institution: to train integral human beings, highly prepared to perform successfully and with values in the competitive world in which they will develop in the future.

Come and live the enthusiasm for learning, increase your virtues, master technology, be a leader with pride ITAES!

Historia ITAES