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The very documentation you're currently reading includes information about installing and upgrading Geeklog, and it also lists common problems and their solution. Detailed information about the config.php configuration file is also available, as is information about themes and how to update them.

Further information about using Geeklog can be found in our ever-expanding Documentation Wiki, maintained by the Geeklog community.

The most frequently asked questions are covered in our FAQ - see if you can find the answer to your question there.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Try searching the Geeklog Homepage. Chances are that someone already had the same question or problem and it has been covered there before.

Hint: If you're trying to resolve an error message you're getting, try searching for that error message first.

Interactive Help


The best place to ask your questions are the forums on the Geeklog Homepage. Many Geeklog users frequent the forums, so you'll usually get a quick response there.

Mailing Lists

If you prefer email, there are also several mailing lists that you can use. Questions regarding installing and running Geeklog are best posted on the geeklog-users mailing list.

Note: Please note that due to the ever-increasing amount of spam, you have to subscribe to the mailing lists before you can post there. Posts by non-subscribers are silently discarded, so make sure to subscribe first.


Want to meet the Geeklog developers and other Geeklog users? Join us on IRC: channel #geeklog on

Note: The channel is often very quiet. It's usually best to "just ask your question" and be willing to wait a bit for a response.

Other Options

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Found a bug? Submit a bug report on our project website. There's also a tracker for feature requests.

Note: Before submitting a new bug report or feature request, please do a search first (on the project site as well as on the Geeklog Homepage) to make sure it hasn't been covered before. Thanks.


Want to develop a plugin or some other add-on? Read the Plugins Developer's Guide and join the geeklog-modules and geeklog-devtalk mailing lists.

Want to help in Geeklog development? See this story for suggestions on how to get started. And if you already made a modification, why not submit a patch?

Security Issues

The Geeklog developers take security very seriously. Should you need to report a security issue with Geeklog, please email details to Thank you.

Note: Posts to geeklog-security are of course not discarded and you don't (and can't, actually) subscribe to this list. Simply send an email to this address and we will get back to you ASAP.

Also see our Security statement on the Geeklog Homepage.

Staying up to date

The best way to stay up to date with Geeklog development and being informed of new releases and other important news (such as security issues), is to subscribe to the geeklog-announce mailing list. This is a low-traffic mailing list and is really only used for important announcements.

Geeklog also has a built-in feature to check for updates. Simply click on the GL Version Test link (an entry in your Admin menu) to see if your install is up to date.


If you consider Geeklog to be useful, feel free to make a donation. Thank you!

International Support - Geeklog-Support in Deutsch

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